Ask Yourself

•    Am I willing to open the door to new financial opportunities and to an        enlightened way of viewing money?

•    Am I looking for sustainable positive changes in my life, rather than a          fleeting solution to an issue?

•    Have I sabotaged myself on the journey to becoming at peace with              money? (Most of us have).

•    Am I willing to "open up" so that I can grow in my pursuit of becoming      my own money manager?

•    Am I prepared to allow money to be my trusted partner, not my enemy?

•    Am I okay forming new paradigms? Creating different models?                    Establishing new boundaries? All in an effort to promote financial                strength?

•    Am I willing to divorce myself from some of my long-standing                     behaviors - conscious and unconscious?

•    Do I see myself as a future "hall of famer" in my relationship with                money? Am I ready to leave the past behind in favor of a bright                    financial future?

 If so, you are a model candidate for money coaching.
                 And it would be my pleasure to serve as your money coach.

                                          -Joe DeMuro