One-on-one personal coaching fees are reasonable and in line with typical coaching compensation. My hope is that you will deem the fee incredibly worthwhile given the benefits you will receive. Most consider it as one of the best investments they have ever made.

      If the coaching fee seems high to you, then you are not ready to be coached, and that is certainly okay. If you wish, we can engage in the initial complimentary session at which time you can decide the value of your future interactions with me. Or, you may choose to begin the process at a later date. My objective is to serve you in the manner you prefer.

•   Initial Complimentary Session              Free

•   The Five Session Process              $500 (discounted)

•   My Pledge to You*                                  Free

Each session is designed to be held each week for six weeks, approximately one hour. However, I build flexibility into the program.

High School Graduate Gift Packs available.

*Although the official coaching sessions will conclude, my commitment to you will continue for as long as you want. I become your money coach for years to come - at no additional  fee. I will be there for you because you are worth it.