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Who Is Joe DeMuro?

          Joe DeMuro has made a career of helping people solve problems and reach their objectives. After earning a B.S. in Economics from Brandeis University and an M.A. in Education from Penn State University, Joe entered the field of education working with students of all ages and in various environments including public and private school and college.

          As a certified financial planner, tax preparer and planner, and author of many financial articles, Joe has worked more than 25 years in money-related fields. His passion has now shifted to money coaching, where he can directly address his clients' money concerns and improve their overall financial well-being.

         Certified as a money coach, Joe would like nothing more than to help you become "money positive." As an educator, mentor, administrator, financial advisor, and money coach, Joe nurtured the skills required to interact positively and cause genuine long-lasting change in others. And therein lies his passion. Joe has been where you are now and escaped the dark side of money - just as you can. With Joe, you can secure peace with money. He's ready to help.


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