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I believe that all people deserve to be free from the stress of finances, so I offer these programs at no charge. After a lifetime of successful financial planning for my clients, this is a great way I can give back to my community.
— Joe DeMuro, Money Coaching Solutions

Free Financial Wellness Program Presentations

We offer free Financial Wellness Programs for corporations, schools, civic and community organizations. The completely customized presentations are 60-90 minutes and are directly tailored to your employees, recent graduates, groups, and/or families.

These programs ensure that all attendees can see a bigger financial picture for themselves and start enjoying their lives with financial freedom. Joe’s down-to-earth and practical lessons are offered during the day, evening or weekend - depending on your preference.

Your group will:
$ Understand financial basics and look forward to setting financial goals
$ Be motivated to take control of their money
$ Want to change their money-related behaviors
$ Have confidence to alleviate money-related stress

Money Coaching Solutions will:
$ Help them see the big picture and outline a path to positive, permanent money habits
$ Share problem-solving processes for different lifestyles
$ Give them tools and confidence to begin fixing money problems

Since most people prefer additional personal time and support for an action plan, attendees can sign up for their own Money Coaching Solutions sessions. Our goal is to give each person full attention, explain how all the facets of their financial life fit together, and create a plan which will strike a balance between the needs of today and tomorrow.

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