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What to Expect During Your Sessions

With the Money Coaching Solutions program, you can expect to:
$ Understand your relationship to money
$ Discover how money affects your relationship with others
$ Become aware of the reasons for having particular money issues
$ Forgive yourself for past transgressions
$ Understand and face behavioral patterns formed years ago
$ Create positive money habits
$ Alleviate stress and anxiety over money
$ Live a happier and more financially secure life

You can expect to realize a truly distinct way to view and engage with money while ultimately experiencing a new zest for life. Positives will replace negatives. And as you learn how to effectively confront your money afflictions, more smiles than frowns will penetrate your very core to bring you joy, peace, and contentment to your daily life.


Five Weeks of Coaching & A Lifetime of Service

The five-week Money Coaching Solutions Process is designed to produce positive, lifelong results. Each session will bring you closer to creating a healthy relationship with money. At the conclusion of the six-weeks, many couples and individuals find their issues have been resolved. and they find themselves in a “positive money place.”

However, to ensure that you always remain comfortable with your financial relationship, I offer unlimited follow-ups as long as you need them into the future - at no additional cost.

Coaching will take place face-to-face, via Skype, or phone. Each session is approximately one hour. If you like, we’ll begin with a free complimentary session to discuss why you wish to work with a money coach and then you can decide if coaching is right for you.

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I couldn’t be happier about my time with Money Coaching Solutions. With retirement approaching, I didn’t see how I would be able to live comfortably in my later years. Joe helped guide me through his process and helped me to understand myself even better. His range and depth of financial knowledge is impressive! I’ve never felt better about my financial situation, and I seem to have gotten a handle on my spending habits.
— John S.