Can You Relate?

Money insecurity is more than simply wondering if there's enough money in the bank. We face a wide variety of financial-related questions every day.

Should I: 

  •     quit my job because I earn less than I need (or want, or should)?

  •     try again to create and maintain a budget?

  •     stop worrying so much about money?

  •     find a second job?

  •     buy or lease my vehicle?

  •     work for myself? My job is...

  •     learn how to invest?

  •     know what money I really waste?

  •     plan better for my retirement?

  •     believe that someday I really will be able to retire?

  •     find out what makes me so awful with money?

  •     learn how to stop blaming others for my money problems?

These are a sampling of practical money issues - the type that can be resolved once we have (1) uncovered why your negative behavioral patterns exist and (2) discovered how to foster more positive behaviors.